Pay No Real Estate Agent Fees
Pay No MLS Listing Fees
& Sell For FULL Price


Hi, I am Brian Gulledge,brian-gulledge

In the next few minutes you will be able to get instant access to a simple system that will help you to sell your home in just 7 days.

Without a real estate agent.

Without listing the property on the MLS

Without spending 1,000’s of Dollars

And Real Estate Agents HATE this secret… But Why? Quite simply, it takes money out of their pocket and keeps it in yours. You see, the average Real Estate Agent will charge 6% of the home price as a commission to sell the property.

This commission is usually to advertise the home, list the home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), print up flyers and to compensate both the seller (yours) and the buyers real estate agents. And that means $1,000’s & $1,000’s of dollars in lost revenue for you…

On the typical $100,000 home $6,000 will be paid to the real estate agents.

On the typical $250,000 home $15,000 will be paid to the real estate agents.

On a $400,000 home $24,000 will be paid to the real estate agents.

A whopping $54,000 will be paid to the real estate agents on a $900,000 sale.

$54,000 is Above the median YEARLY salary of the average US Citizen – just for selling a house.

But with my system you can Sell Your Home, without spending $1,000’s of dollars or lowering your price below the Fair Market Value of your home. And you can typically sell it faster than the Real Estate Agent can even print up flyers…

This system is so powerful, 100’s of people across the US
are charging $10,000 or more simply to sell your house in 7 days.

And what could you do with the extra $6,000, $15,000, $24,000 or even $54,000 that you save in real estate commissions?…

  • Put money away for your child’s education?
  • Buy a new car?
  • Take a dream vacation?

Whatever you decide to do, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride selling your home. Saving these real estate fees will put a smile on your face… a smile that won’t want to go away for a long time.

Does This Work For Investors?

Have you seen all of those “Get Rich With Real Estate” programs? You know the ones that promise to make you millions if you simply follow their advice? They all talk about how to buy, fix up and sell a home for massive profits.

Most of these programs left me with more questions than answers and as I began to buy and sell property, I realized the lion’s share of the profit I made selling the property went to pay the Real Estate Agent.

But this simple plan is so powerful, you will never have to worry about selling your property again.

Any home you buy you can easily sell and save all that extra money for yourself.

And what I am about to reveal is unlike anything you have ever seen before on selling your home. You are not going to find this plan in any other website or real estate program. I know, I have read, watched and absorbed them all. I have spent over 20 years of my life learning to maximize sales and marketing communications effectively. There are hundreds of hours of human psychology and years of trial and error packed into this simple, focused and short course.

The simple truth is the Real Estate agent does not have access to any network or marketing channel that you can’t access yourself. Some actually rely on pricing the house a little low to help it sell. Very few have ever studied sales, let alone marketing and human psychology. They all follow the standard “list your house on MLS, place a sign in the yard, and print some nice flyers”.

And most would say you simply CANNOT sell your house in 7 days for full value. Especially not in today’s market. Even though this system does it it daily.

Sometimes the house even sales above full value.

That’s right, this system can sell your house for MORE than you would get listing it with a Real Estate Agent. You see the Agent has no incentive to sell your house for an extra $10,000 or $20,000. It might take them MONTHS to sell the house for an extra $10,000 and they would only make an extra $600.

On the total price of the home that extra $600… is not much motivation.

B. Douglas Bernheim & Jonathan Meer even proved this in the research paper, “Do Real Estate Brokers Add Value When Listing Services Are Unbundled?” NBER Working Paper No. 13796

They stated, “the average broker sells homes for $10,000 less than they sell there own home for. On there own home they keep the extra $10,000… Not just the extra $600 commission they get from you.”

But with our system we circumvent the normalized behavior of the broker… while we engage and motivate a deeply ingrained human behavior in the buyers. The buyers can become so engaged and emotionally attached they begin a bidding war.

I know most people don’t want to spend 20 years of their life learning all of the psychological nuances just to sell a house without paying a real estate commission. That’s why this system is so POWERFUL. You don’t have to study sales, marketing, psychology or human behavior. You don’t need any special skills at all (ok, you do have to have access to a computer). If you can follow the simple directions you will likely sell your house in 7 days.

This is NOT a real estate course…

and I am NOT teaching how to buy property…

what it takes to fix up homes…

or what legal documents are needed to close a real estate transaction.

I am simply teaching a focused yet simple marketing plan that will sell your house in 7 days.


The course makes doing all of this brain dead simple in a friendly, fun and easy, step-by-step program…

I hope you get started soon,